Mozart Dinner Concert in Salzburg

Location:Baroque Hall, restaurant St. Peter Stiftskulinarium in Salzburg

Amadeus Consort Salzburg

Two opera singers and five strings – all graduated from the world-famous University Mozarteum Salzburg – guarantee lively and first-class performances of Mozart’s music. The ensemble has performed concerts all over the world and was part of TV productions for more than 50 broadcasting stations. Their first CD has been sold more than 40,000 times.

Ticket Categories

Category I

New Year`s Eve Gala 2022 at the Mozart Dinner Concert in the candlelit Baroque Hall

• Mozart concert with musicians in period costumes
• Exquisite 5-course-gourmet-dinner:
- Supreme of quail: parsnip
- Freshwater fisch bouillabaisse: Sause Rouille - crostini
- Poached organic egg: truffel - young spinach - potato espuma
- Fillet of veal: sweet potato - purple carot
- Pear-Nougat: passion fruit ice cream - macadamia nut
New Year's  EVE Menu Vegetarian
- Bulbous vegetables cooked in salt crust: olive
- Soup of kohlrabi: mint - pea - potato
- Poached organic egg: truffel - young spinach - potato espuma
-Porcini ravioli: Gruyere cheese , brown butter, lamb´s lettuce pesto, quince
- Pear-Nougat: passion fruit ice cream - macadamia nut
• Beverages are not included.


Baroque Hall at restaurant St. Peter, St. Peter district 1/4, 5020 Salzburg
The Mozart Dinner Concert takes place in the unique historic atmosphere of the restaurant Stiftskulinarium St. Peter. It is part of the famous Benedictine monastery and is located in the oldest part of Salzburg. The Baroque Hall with its stucco and frescoes is a magnificent showpiece. It is one of the last concert halls in Salzburg where real candle light is still permitted. Stiftskulinarium St. Peter itself is the oldest restaurant in Europe first mentioned in 803. Even the Mozart family had dinner there. In October 1783 Mozart´s sister "Nannerl" wrote in her diary: “papa and henry had lunch at st peter... made music ... rained heavily“.