The original Mozart Dinner

Prepared according to recipes from Mozart´s time

In his letters and operas, Mozart makes numerous references to culinary delights, which gives us a good reason to combine his divine music with culinary delights. Surely, Mozart wouldn't oppose. Our unique Mozart Dinner is carefully prepared according to historical recipes by head-chef Andreas Krebs. Each course of our dinner is served at the concert intermissions as we want to make sure not to interrupt Mozart's delightful music. At Christmas time, we serve one extra course: terrine of veal and oranges with mulled wine pear (standard category) and a cream soup of potato and truffle (exclusive arrangement). 

♦  St. Peter's bread with local butter
♦ Clear lemon chicken soup with curd cheese and rosemary dumpling
♦ Stuffed breast of roasted capaun (chicken) filled with quark and herbs on glaze of red wine with potato gratin and vegetables from Pater Priors's garden
♦ Semi frozen parfait of honey with 2 fruit sauces
Seasonal changes possible. Drinks are not included

We would like to point out that prices for wine and drinks at St. Peter Stiftskulinarium are based on a high level of gastronomy. Here you can take a look at the wine list.